Service Code 1100!

This is arguably the best feature of the G450!  The G450 gives you the opportunity to dig into issues you may be having with your meter.  Most issues can be solved using the service menu and code 1100.

Looking to calibrate one sensor specifically?  Here's how:

  • With the meter on and running normally, press and hold the center button until the meter chirps and you see "SRV" appear.
  • Navigate to the "service" menu and select it with the center button
  • Enter the code "1100" (press the right button twice to get to "1" center button to proceed tp the next character, etc)
  • Navigate to "sensors" and select the sensor you want to calibrate individually
  • Be prepared to flow calibration gas, select "calibrate" and wait for results
  • If it passes, use the right button to navigate out of the menu's and "save changes"
  • If it doesn't pass, call 860-428-350 three and I'll help you out!

Thanks for your purchase and I look forward to making the G450 your flagship meter!